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Dynalab Corp custom plastic fabrication department machines products for use in laboratories, industry, education and even the home. Bending and forming plastics is a very common procedure in our plastic fabrication shop. As shown in the photo at right, Polycarbonate is a unique material in that it can undergo a process called "cold bending". A sheet of polycarbonate is being bent to a 45° angle in a Press Break.

Certain plastics have a tendency to waver on the bend. A good way to avoid this is to score the plastic lightly before bending... forcing the bend to follow the straight score.



 Examples of Bending and Forming of Plastics:

Photo at left shows a pipette filler holder which is made with one piece of 3/8" thick acrylic that is machined, heat bent in two different places, then flamed polished with rubber feet applied.

Photo at right shows a bench top beta protection shield starts with a rectangular piece of 3/8" acrylic that is trimmed to the outline then bent in two different places and flame polished with feet applied. Finished dimensions of this piece are 20"W x 12"D x 20"H.